Dear little loverboy S/S 2014

Mads Dinesen

Dear little loverboy…

Menswearcollection S/S 2014

Mads Dinesen


„There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion“

Sir Francis Bacon ‚Of Beauty‘ 1561 – 1626


The spring / summer collection 2014 by Mads Dinesen encompasses the glorification of love, irrespective of gender, sexuality, religion or origin!

In a time where the discussion of sexuality and equal rights are more important than ever, this collection is made as a celebration of love, outside of any social or political agenda.

Drawing inspiration from various wedding-rituals from around the world, the collection stands as a collage of symbols, colours and silhouettes, visualising the connection and bond between two individuals

The severity and joyfullness giving yourself to another individual, may it be for the night, or for life!