Mads Dinesen

Danish-born Berliner Mads Dinesen is one of the most striking fashion talents in town, all the while being one of the most idiosyncratic.

Nina Trippel, Cee Cee 01/2013


The fashion house of Dinesen combines an in depth working knowledge of impeccable tailoring and a passionate approach to fine workmanship. The street models he carefully selects evoke the fabric of the contemporary human condition and their physical presence permeate through the layers of each costume to its essential materiality.Thus, he evokes a raw and primal energy in the spectacular presentation of his collections but determinedly brut and current in relation to the environmental and social-political nature of the world around us.His consistent interest in spirituality and his intensive research into tribal and nomadic culture impacts the physical world in which we exist when we wear a Dinesen work. His work is haunting and beautiful, grotesque yet bold that is as compelling as it is taboo.He seeks to dismantle our preconceived notions about sexuality and physical beauty. Through his imagery, we gain a greater understanding about human difference and tolerance.